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Let's go disco for a ride...

Opinions are immunity to being told you're wrong.

Andy Reierson
4 September
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Hi I'm Andy. I like music, pretty much every kind. Some of my favorite bands are Project 86, Relient K, Joy Electric, Van Halen, U2, and Seven Places. I'm also in a band called The Suits, who are OK I guess. The second love of my life is baseball. I play second base and my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox and they have been ever since the summer of 1994. I also like alot of other sports especially college football and college football. I have to say my favorite team is the Golden Gophers for both of those. Hockey is also awesome, well it was anyways. I like pro football too and like the Vikings and the Packers. I am also a huge NY Giants fan. Well that's about it.